Saturday, February 11, 2012

1st Purchase of 3 Bicycle Stuff Items from Chainreactioncycles

Price in [] is estimated price in S'pore. Leftmost price is after conversion from £.

KMC Z82 8spd Half Silver Chain
S$15.20 [S$28, savings of $12.80]

Topeak Universal Chain Breaker Tool

Clear Plastic 550ml Waterbottle
S$5.20 [around double price in S'pore] is the world's largest online bicycle store. It currently has free shipping on orders hitting £200. Since my original chain has stretched to dangerous limit i've been shopping around for a replacement. Original bike shop where i bought my bike has sold out 8 speed chains. They recommend i go to neighourhood bike shops.

For 2 weeks i was in a delimma whether to pay a higher price locally with the mechanic changing it or buy it for much less from CRC & DIY. A regular biker mentioned to me he's using KMC z82 at S$28 on his MTB so i decided to go for that (via CRC). Also bought a chain tool to break the worn out chain. Bought a smaller volume water bottle since the bigger volume model was sold out.

How to get free shipping when my order is so pathetic? Well i joined 1 of the CRC mass orders initiated by cyclists on . The savings are still worth it after paying commission to the mass order organiser for his efforts & hassle.

Don't just look at the difference in dollar amounts. Look at the % difference & you'll be shocked how much you can save by buying stuff online without paying for the killer rent in S'pore. We expend our 'life' earning $$ so what value is that throwing our 'life' away for the frickin high rent?

For many businesses there is a limit to how high they can raise prices as there is price pressure from online stores with much lower overheads. However S'pore's incumbent government with its state capitalism approach & manipulated property market has no limit to raising rents. How can productive businesses survive like that?

No 7% goods & services tax too since the order is less than S$400.

Are you getting more bang for your $$ by buying things online? It pays to start practising anticipating what items you need in advance since it takes a couple of days for the items to arrive.

Look at the array of items at online stores compared to a regular bicycle store. Why bother squeezing with people at the shops & malls?

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