Monday, February 27, 2012

Ramping Up Public Healthcare Sector for 'Silver' Tsunami

Such propaganda of which sector is hot to drive recruitment by govt gives me a bad taste. Starting in 90s with urge for engineering, then wafer fab then biomed- all of which faded into obscurity along with the dashing of dreams of those naive to listen & do as the propaganda espouses. In the end we have a casino & another casino...

Summing up as follows:
- 6,400 more nurses & 1,800 support staff needed
- close to 2,000 more public hospital beds will be added by 2020
- targeting school leavers between 16 & 20 years old
- salary review for public healthcare sector underway.
- Flexi/part time work

How many 16 -20 year old students know what they want in life? Current educational system stressing on scoring A & more As does not produce many good healthcare givers. IQ is different from the EQ which is utilise in caring professions.

Forcing someone at a young age to specialise in a narrow field (eg nursing) without teaching vital life skills severely limits the options one has later in life. Without vital life skills such as personal finance management, the economic machine can be assured of ratrace slaves working to grease & keep the machine running. Hence many people are trapped in professions they dislike.

Teenagers need to be aware of what happens when the 'silver' tsunami is over - baby boomers more or less died out. Assuming they start working as nurses at 20 & retire at 65, that's 45years. If the healthcare workers demand is over after 25 years upon the passing away of the tsunami wave of old folks, would there still be a need for so many healthcare workers? After 25years, the person is in mid 40s & we already know the difficulties many of those aged 40+ face in switching careers.

There is a time for boom & a time for bust. Propaganda put out by the hybrid regime serve their needs first by brainwashing teenagers of the rosy prospects & little or no mention of the downsides.

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