Saturday, February 4, 2012

Another Bookstore Bites the Dust - Killed by More than Double of Rent

Bloodbath continues due to killer rents. Bookstores are a magnet for me. Is one of the source for my 'what to read next?' list as i browse through the personal finance/investment & self improvement bookshelves. Haven't bought any books last year. Is not because i don't read but because of space constraints at home.
Killer rent news over the past few days have grabbed my attention. High cost of living brought about through manipulated property market has been a pain in the ass. Thought of how much of a frickin killer rent am i paying for this product/service is often enought to shut my wallet & look for alternatives online.

S'pore's economy is in a precarious state. These killer rents have many businesses hanging on by their fingernails. Many are 'floating' through cheap foreign labor often with low productivity. When many private sector businesses are 'chained' with killer rents, how can they thrive & grow? The current situation is already very bad with incumbent Pay&Pay 's style of state capitalism in which government linked companies take up more than 50% of s'pore economy.

With killer rent draining the life out of useful productive businesses what future is there for S'pore? Open more sin businesses like casinos?

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