Saturday, February 18, 2012

State Capitalism PAP Style in Public Transport Sector

After trains now come buses.

Stakeholders Vs Shareholders. Party Against People (PAP) as is also known among netizens is spending $1.1B of taxpayers(stakeholders) $$ to buy 550 buses + cover 10 years running costs for the privatised public transport companies which are majority owned by the govt. Socializing costs privatizing profits.

Easy duopoly business with captive market to transfer $$ from masses into hands of minority of shareholders.

When there is such easy way to make $$ there is little/no incentive to increase local workforce productivity through automation. Just flood in more & more people since they are forced to use the buses/trains. Automated machines if bought to increase productivity can't use buses/trains on a daily basis while hordes of imported cheaper labor cum consumers die die must use.

Gdp can grow can already. Grow like cancer also damn good- that's how distasteful the gdp mindset of the pap.

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