Monday, February 20, 2012

2nd CRC Order- Just 1 800ml Bottle

800ml is my biggest bottle for rides. Bought it by joining a chainreactioncycles mass order again when it was back in stock. I estimate the cost of such similar product to be doubled in S'pore.

Initial capital investment will be recouped in 4-5 rides (no need to buy canned drinks), after which it'll be savings. This 800ml along with my other 750ml ought to be sufficient for rides to anywhere on this tiny island without spending a dime on overpriced canned drinks or mineral/distilled bottled water.

Why buy those overpriced canned drinks when it is better spent on local hawker's $1 desserts at Tanglin Halt Hawker Centre. Opt for a reward that's more value for $ with the $ saved.

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