Friday, February 3, 2012

Hell March Lives On in Creative Adaptations

Hell March - one of the most if not the most amazing sountrack in Command & Conquer: Red Alert computer game. Adds so much to the mood of the game. Contribution to the world by self-taught musician who dare to follow his calling - Frank Klepacki

Look at how fans of his music have adapted his music into the military parades of these 3 countries:

North Korea: This has got to be the best since little is known of this reclusive state. Is one of the few remaining places on earth not polluted by advertisements bombarding us on the streets, subway.

Russia: Parade at Moscow where Hitler's armies were stopped at the outskirts of Moscow.

China: Next emerging superpower? China got its own set of problems. While the western countries are mired in debts, China has been signing treaties for resources in Africa & other countries(neglected by the west).


  1. Hi Xianlong,

    I noticed the commonality of the 3 countries is Communism. Russia is no longer Communist. China is Communist in name only. In the big Chinese cities, it's Capitalism all the way in reality. Only North Korea is still Communist, but actually a hereditary dictatorship in practise.

    One more Communist country (that I know of) is not in the list above. Vietnam. But then, Vietnam, like China, is also Communist in name only, but Capitalist in reality.

    Not really making any point, just stating my observations.

    Cheers, WD.

    1. Hi Winking Doll,
      Russia & China now practises State Capitalism. Their state capitalism approach is for their people. On contrary our Pro Alien Party's state capitalism approach is ....... you understand well too else you wouldn't have migrated.

    2. Hahaha. Yes, I don't trust our Pro Alien Party's empty promises. I observe the laws passed, the societal changes and make my own deductions.

      State Capitalism isn't really working that well in Russia & China either. Their more mobile citizens apply to become Canadian PRs and citizens in Canada. Of course, Canada has tightened its immigration laws since the 2007-8 financial crisis, so many are mumbling (read, complaining privately) about the difficulty of obtaining PRs. So the next option for them is to look at other countries that still have their immigration floodgate wide open. E.g. Singapore. Yes, Singapore gets the 2nd rate (or even 3rd rate) immigrants, no thanks to the Pro Alien Party.

    3. > you understand well too else you wouldn't have migrated.

      You're right. I made that difficult decision to emigrate after years of deliberation.

  2. Hi Winking Doll,
    Yes State Capitalism isn't working that well as you said in China & Russia. However theirs is better than our hybrid regime's State Capitalism flooding in cheaper workers to boost the profits of State Owned Corporations.

    Consequences u already are aware of: depressed wages, underemployment, unemployment

    Recently the western press raise the alarm bells on the danger of China's State Capitalism. It also applies to S'pore: