Monday, February 6, 2012

More Babies else More Immigrants. He Just Wants Consumers!!

S'pore's paramount leader or the sith lord as he is known by others dishes out his usual heap of 'wisdom'. After his disastrous 'Stop at 2' birth control policy in the 70s, he now exhort the locals to reproduce more.

Why stop at 2? Because he's terrified the economy won't be able to grow & sustain growing numbers of people. Why sudden change in tune? Simply - $$$$$. After discovering how easy to suck $$ out of the people with his Pro Alien Party's state capitalism approach he's afraid his govt linked companies profits would shrink with lesser population.

Economic growth (gdp) = Population growth + Productivity growth

With population dwindling of course he's worried about the loss of easy $$ when the other productivity factor is low among foreign imports due to high churn/turnover rate.

Bigger or more & more is not necessarily better. In my younger days, life was more carefree & less stressful for many people despite lower incomes. Fact is once incomes crosses the threshold of basic necessities, more $$ does not lead to a corresponding increase in happiness. People have more time to smell the roses & community lives are better. Right now the pace of life is so frentic that gatherings are confine to Chinese New Year & funerals.

Is he concerned about the quality of life of the peasants? It seems to me he is obsess with gdp, gdp, gdp. Citizens or consumers? Answer is obvious- have 6.5M consumers into this tiny island to consume & consume stuff like locusts & use plastic bags so that sea level can rise faster & submerge S'pore.

More plastic bags add to the gdp. Effort to reduce usage is pathetic & is just for show. Look at our neighbouring Msian state of Johor which already ban plastic bags for large retailers on busy Sat.

Oh & we have grossly overpaid ministers who don't have the political will to initiate a 1 day/week ban in effort to start toilet training & unhook people's addiction to plastic bags.

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