Friday, February 24, 2012

Soviet Storm: Soviet Perspective of WWII

Both Hitler & Stalin are disgusting dictators. During wartime what gave Stalin an advantage despite soviet forces suffering severe losses at the start is that he adopted the advice of his generals on the frontlines whereas Hitler at time overruled his thinking he knows better although he's in the rear echelons.

What makes this documentary unique is that it's from the soviet perspective. I have watched 6 episodes so far & enjoyed it.

I still consider the soviet's defense of Stalingrad to be the most epic on the eastern front. That real battle together with the Tortise Vs Rabbit Race Amazing Version video tells us that many things in our life are not fair. It is up to us to make the best with what we have & minimise our gaps.

8 episodes in chronological order without 2hrs of your life wasted on commercials though a much smaller screen:

Operation Barbarossa

Battle of Moscow

Siege of Leningrad

Battle of Stalingrad

Battle of Kursk

Operation Bagration

Liberation of Ukraine

Battle of Berlin

Soviet Storm is a new & epic television history of the 2nd World War's Eastern Front. Giving an unprecedented Russian perspective on the war's most decisive & bloody theatre.

This was a conflict of staggering scale & savagery. 4 out of 5 German soldiers killed in World War II died on the Eastern Front. The Red Army suffered 10 times as many dead as the Western Allies combined. The total dead on all sides was more than 30 million, most of them civilians. The war was seen by both sides as a struggle for existence. In that light, Hitler & Stalin were prepared to accept losses on any scale to achieve final victory.

Soviet Storm tells the story of this titanic clash of arms blow by blow. Using archive film & photography, computer generated imagery & innovative reconstructions,

From the German invasion of 22 June 1941 'Operation Barbarossa' (the largest military operation in history), through to the brutal fighting outside the gates of Moscow, the savage street-fighting of Stalingrad, and the long, bloody road to Berlin, this is an epic retelling of the world's most devastating conflict.

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