Thursday, June 28, 2012

Appreciate Golden Age of S'pore from Train in 1991

Miss the good old days of quality life & better condusive environment as filmed by a tourist in earlier blogpost which i reminisce?

Appreciate the golden age of S'pore from the train in 1991 before 1994 which i consider the start of S'pore's decline.

Look at roads below. There's not many vehicles unlike the congested roads we now face.

0:13 - 0:36
Flats near Redhill station demolished. A big chunk is still empty today. Why empty? Not impatient to suck $$? Of course will suck after manipulate land/property prices to high enough... Ascentia Sky condos due for completion in 2014 after peasants have been moved off the land.

Row of shophouses by the road torn down. Rebuilt with higher density development.

2:37 - 2:43
Low rise flats demolished. Replaced with condominiums.

2:47 - 3:01
Empty field & low rise flats demolished. Replaced with high rise flats.

Gosh i really miss the days when the inside of the trains where you can run from 1st carriage to last carriage! At much lower fares too! Now the space & seats & fares.........

4:10 - 4:22
Ho, ho ,ho. Arrived at Clementi-my home town. Bus interchange has been "somewhat demolished" The big fountain & bus interchange has been demolished & a shopping mall integrated with bus interchange with flats above now occupy the land.

Look at streets with few people near mrt exit & pathway along road & to bus interchange. Now is practically impossible->locusts swarms of 'consumers'.

4:25 - 4:36
Flats near main road demolished to serve as tempoary bus interchange for construction of mall. Now that mall is done, the temp bus interchange together with the flats inside will all be demolish. What's next? Is likely another condominium given the mindset of the ruling party to suck suck & suck as much $$$ through manipulated land/property prices.

4:44 - 4:54
Look at the huge field! I used to play there with my classmates. Back then we used to enjoy perhaps the largest field belonging to a school in whole of S'pore. Now the open field is taken away from the school... No prize for guessing right answer after the ruling party has mutated into $$$$ obsessed party.

Institute of Technical Education (Clementi) now empty after consolidation with other campus to free up more land for you guess it --> $$$$$. No signs of demolition yet.

Wow! Look at the roads below! Now is impossible to see such traffic free unless the sun rise from the west- i'm not kidding with pro alien party dominance.

Is sad how S'pore has degenerated over the years. Sure much of the populace has more & more & more toys/gadgets cluttering up their homes. So cluttered with stuff that some consumers rent extra storage to store their excesses.

But do people have:
- better quality travel?
- More leisure time?
- Less stress?
- More space in public?
- More trust?
- More home-cooked dinners by family with family?
- Hawkers who know you instead of 'zombies' manning overpriced & lousy food courts?

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