Friday, June 29, 2012

Many Sinkies Top in Stressful Pace of Life

Do you:
  • walk fast
  • eat fast
  • drink fast
  • speak fast
  • spend fast (cancer of wallet)
  • shower fast (probably not for girls)
  • drive fast
  • rush for seats fast
  • be cheaper fast
  • be better fast
A walking speed survey done in 2007 has sinkies as champions in walking speed. Now with treadmill even faster i'm sure plenty of sinkies have maintained or walk even faster. With floodgates open with huge influx of generally cheaper foreign workers, many sinkies are like the trapped passengers in 'Speed' movie - bus must speed above 80km/h or else bomb will blow & all will die.
"We used to talk of having 'time to smell the flowers' Now we barely find time to smell the coffee. Pace of life has accelerated to the point where everyone is breathless." - Richard Swenson
Gardens by the Bay is opening today. However how many sinkies got time to leisurely smell the flowers when the climate in S'pore is speed speed & more speed? Not to mention the crowds......


  1. Yup, when I arrived in B.C. Canada, I realized that I walk fast, eat fast, drink fast, speak fast, and rush for seats fast. Thankfully, not spend fast due to limited budget, haha. I have since learned to slow down, although still not at the Canadian pace yet. Sometimes when I meet newcomers (especially those from Asia), I am amused at hectic pace of life that Asians are used to.

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