Thursday, June 14, 2012

Follow Procedures & Rules To the Every Word Is Begging to be Guillotined

Came across a remark which i like in a reply on a forum thread regarding being bored with one's job:
"I see zombies everyday. Follow procedures & rules to the every word. Culture is based on fear & resignation to fate. People simply just die there."- accela
Living dead - going to a job they loathe, day after day, week after week, month after month for like 40 years......

Easiest place to see zombies is none other than on public transport every morning. Those folks think they are safe by being an obedient worker carrying out procedures & rules to the every word. Little do they realise that they face an even bigger risk cause they are begging for their heads to be guillotined/axed since such follow procedures/rules stuff can be automated with machines.

If can't automate then is think of ways to replace those zombies with cheaper foreign zombies who follow procedures & rules to every word like a zombie.
PS. Safety procedures/rules need to be followed to the letter for safety sake is 1 of such exception. My point is if no judgement is exercised then the job is a target for automation.

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