Saturday, June 23, 2012

At Same Table/Sofa but Connected Elsewhere

"People living in house with 1 another but not connecting with 1 another. They're not interacting because quite simply, they all have their own toys to play with. Dad is video conferencing with colleagues. Mom is on internet. Kids are on their cellphones. Everybody is connected to something outside the home even though they are physically within the home." - Glen Stanton
Doesn't just apply to home settings. Is a common sight outside as well. People in view of each other but they are hooked to their devices.

Are you overreliant on devices? Back in old days when there's no cellphones, people remember phone numbers of close friends or at least keep a mini phonelist in their wallets. Suppose an acquaintance with cellphone is beside you. It happens that your cellphone battery is dead & you need to call a close friend. Do you remember your close friend's number to call using the acquaintance's cellphone?

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