Monday, June 18, 2012

How Things Work in S'pore by FamiLee

I love such charts simplifying stuff. Best chart is still PAP Policies Vicious Cycle Flowchart which i came across last year. For foreign readers who stumble upon this blog, S'pore is classified as a hybrid regime run by the Lee family thus 'Familee'.

Here's a recent one i came across in a forum:

I have ejected a huge chunk of the corporate media part(state propaganda) out of my life. No longer buy/read the 'State Times' nor watch Mediacorpse programs.

State capitalism in S'pore is a perverse form as in it doesn't matter if citizens are replaced with cheaper foreign workers so that the state controlled companies profit more. In China, their state capitalism is used to strengthen their nation such that their population build up the skills & expertise instead of relying on foreigners. Citizens employed & satisfied = less social problems for PRC govt = Continued governance by their ruling CCP.

When foreign workers start leaving S'pore en masse one day, many sinkie workers are already at a disadvantage in terms of skill & experience against workers in other countries. I anticipate the result would be the Great Marianas Turkey Shoot S'pore style.

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