Sunday, June 10, 2012

Fu*k Fu*k Fu*k From 3 Strong Career Women

This bribery cum sex scandal once again proves my grouses about the education system.

3 old hags offer their bodies in bid to secure an IT contract with a govt agency. They are worse than prostitutes. Uneducated prostitutes sell their naked bodies to feed themselves. These 3 old hags hold senior sales positions in their companies. So with their decent paychecks & decent education how come need to:

- suck+lick customer's 'lollipop'?
- open cheesepie hole (polite word for hokkien word chee bye) to get pumped by customer's 'lollipop'?

If school curriculum teaches people how to make $$ for themselves then these 3 old hags would not need to degrade themselves into whores. As i have mentioned:
- Teach Bunch of Useless Math Problems to Break Youngsters Down to Become Zombie Cog Workers

- S'pore Education is about Producing $-Minded Paycheck Slaves

If 3 old hags are providing sexual services to keep their jobs, i wonder if they are scared of being replaced by younger, cheaper & more obedient foreigners. If one knows how to make $$ through investing or other means apart from jobs, one need not be desperate to sell bodies.

I feel uncomfortable at times riding my $428 entry level flatbar roadie in group rides. Is the most cheapo bike among the group many whom are riding bikes easily 5-10 times the price of my bike. However i remind myself that my priority is to learn & build up my financial capital & investing skills. Is not wise to splurge on a expensive bike to impress others lest i end up desperate prostituting myself when i'm older. I can reward myself later on with a better bike using small part of the profits later on once my investing skills are leveled up.

As i wrote in earlier blogpost about 100% profits in stock market index during the rebound from the financial crisis, just merely having 33% profits is a good achievement. An investment of $30,000 would have yielded $10,000 profits. Is an invaluable lifeskill that has no age, gender & education discrimination.

For women, once investing skill is mastered they won't be growing more fearful as they age & need to sell their wrinkled bodies to be fucked.


  1. I wouldn't call them career women. They are just sleeping their way up the corporate hierarchy.

  2. There is also the money factor. Some of these are driven by greed. All the 3 women are in sales which means they get a cut of any contract they seal.

    Also, the stress of having to meet their yearly targets. In any case, I would not think it makes sense to sell their bodies as they don't own their companies. At least I can understand their actions if they were doing this for their own companies where all profits would go into their pockets. But its not. So quite sad to see married women risking their reputation, family for this.