Sunday, June 24, 2012

Transformers Headmasters, Masterforce & Victory Series Openings & Credits

The 1980s is heralded as the golden age of cartoons. Transformers is just a part of it. When the US Transformers cartoons ended, the japanese continued with it. You can see that the japanese versions have dramatic transform scenes--> Watch Combiner Raiden onwards which are from the japanese series.

American version is serious minded while japanese version have humor in theirs. American culture with their cowboy culture, the robots fight with guns. Japanese with their samurai culture added swords, spears & axes into their fight scenes.

Japanese Transformers Cartoons have better Openings:

Transformers Headmasters Opening
It seems there's no japanese word for certain english words. Funny lyrics. Karaoke is hilarious.

Transformers Masterforce Opening
Masterforce series have the most human touch to it. Note that in japanese series Cybertons = Autobots, Destrons = Decepticons & Convoy = Optimus Prime.


Transformers Victory Opening
Japanese incorporated bladed weapon fights the most in this series.

DinoKing Vs Victory Saber
How the japanese do the fight scenes & their dialogue is what makes it so irresistible to watch. The japanese added comical & emotional scenes into what is supposed to be 'robotic' which is the way the americans do it.


As i write this blogpost & watching the fight scene, i wonder how many sinkies would go the extra mile given that increasingly S'pore "scholar leaders" consider themselves elites & look down on lesser mortals. "You have been blessed with good troops, Goryu". Can troops willingly self-sacrifice when citizens are increasingly marginalized in their own country?

Similarly at workplace, when subordinates are treated as mere expendables by their corporate leaders/managers, who would be inspired to go extra mile?

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