Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Knocking Off Work On Time

Always Leave Office On Time
1) Work is never ending process. You can never finish the works.

2) Interest of a client is not more important than your family.

3) If you fail in life your boss or client will not be the person to offer a helping hand but your family & friends will do.

4) Life does not mean coming to office, going home & sleeping. There is more to a life. You need time to socialize, entertainment, exercise & relaxation. Don't make your life meaningless.

5) A person who sits works late is not a hardworking person. He/She is a fool who does not know how to manage work within the stipulated time. Besides, he/she is a loser in life who does not have personal or social life.

6) You did not study hard & struggle in life to be a cog in a machine & live a meaningless life.

7) If your boss forces you to work late, just forward him/her this message. He/she will try to make his/her life meaningful too.
Leaving ofice on time
more productivity
good social life
good family relationship

Leaving office late
less productivity
no social life
no family life

Long working hours is chronic in S'pore. With influx of many cheaper, younger & more obedient foreign workers, the locals are literally killing themselves in social & physical aspects(lack/no exercise) of their lives.

Competing against cheaper foreigners through long working hours is as good as smashing one's head against the wall. Vast bulk of foreign workers are single with no spouse/family. Neglecting one's family through long work hours is another form of suicide.

It came to my realization that i value my personal time after work during my first work attachment during 2nd year of polytechnic. I was attached to a site engineer at a construction site. In the morning he would drive me & 2 other foreign workers to the construction site in the small lorry. They always work beyond the stipulated knock off time 90% of the time. Me as a poly student & being paid a small allowance always look forward towards lunch time. After lunchtime look towards knock off. Why stay back work with them until dunno when they finish work?!

Does a deserted construction site stop me from leaving on time? I guess the site engineer underestimated me & thought i would need his lorry to get out of the place. Too bad, cause i ain't in desperate need of his small lorry. I got out of the site by asking the truck/cement truck drivers leaving the site to give me a lift out to the main road.

My lack of interest in the work being done at the construction site + hitch hiking of trucks to knock off on time doesn't garner a good grade from the site engineer - he gave me a 'C'. Another poly student who was attached to another engineer elsewhere told me i'm foolish. He advised me i ought to endure the 1.5-2mths by staying back with them as free labor to get a better grade. Nevertheless i find his advice hard to swallow.

For my 2nd job attachment i requested for a change to a fellow student's attachment to a factory where there is higher pay & on-time knock off.

I suspect a lot of sinkies work late to somewhat show their bosses they are hardworking for fear of getting 'C'/'D' & subsequently get fired. Not to mention when other colleagues also work late, it becomes a race to see which retard can sacrifice the most social/family time.

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