Saturday, June 16, 2012

Good Pay + Daily Punishing Commutes = Docile Workers

More punch in purchasing firepower is what propels johoreans to endure the punishing daily commute to work in S'pore. Going by food prices purchasing power is like earning just over double. No offense to them & other foreigners but when someone has

   so much to gain in purchasing power converted from S$
+ daily punishing commutes
= docile workers who would carry out stupid orders.

A glaring example with 1 of the factors of darn good pay to become Yesmen/Yeswomen would be s'pore's member of parliament of the ruling regime. Yes yes yes to stupid policies that is not good long term without question.

Docile workers are easy to manage but they come with a dark side - if bosses make a mistake & docile workers do not question for fear of being seen as rocking the boat, the company/boss will suffer the big hit/losses.

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