Sunday, March 4, 2012

53km Night Ride to Southern Tuas

First ride to that deserted area at night with a group of leisure riders. Perhaps too leisure. Break at around halfway point is around 3 cigarette smokes duration(ride lead & few others are smokers). Break at southern tuas is somewhat similiar duration which i don't mind since that's the point of riding there. On the way back they stop for a supper quickie which i prefer they just ride back & have their supper & drinks while i head home.

Chain that came with the bike lasted me around 2000-2500km(i don't have speed/distance meter installed). Read a review on chainreactioncycles that it lasted a user like 4800km. Wow, that's like double the mileage of mine. Initially i thought the wornout was due to me being more of a hard pedaler using the largest chainring most of the time.

Is upon watching this 2min video shared by someone that i realised i worn mine out because of angled chain. I tend to use the biggest chainring with the 2nd-4th largest rear cogs on my 8 speed bike - higher wear & less torque.

Video animations are a great way to illustrate:

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