Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Corporate Communications --> Corpse Comm

Tired of reading the more or less same replies especially in papers by large companies' customer service/corp comms? After a few reads you probably won't bother reading the rest of the 'corpse-like' reply.

Large organizations like to hide behind a 'corpse comm' department to make the customer 'go away' by making it hard to give feedback. When the customers 'go away' it appears to those in ivory towers collecting large paychecks that the situation is fine.

State Capitalism S'pore Bus Companies:
SBS Transit Feedback
SMRT Feedback
Highly paid CEOs have little clue to the rot in the system when their corpse comm staff shield & repel the needed feedback. How many breakdowns, squeeze like sardines, low frequency, poor service level have taken place so far & still fares keep going up & up?

Free Market Capitalism Msia Bus Company:
Causeway Link Feedback (Visible at front page)
CWL boss can assess frontline action by reading how easy commuters give feedback. CWL is not even a listed company compared to S'pore bus companies yet CWL have a person dedicated to 'grassroots' action.

I prefer SMEs to large 'corpserations' which give out 'corpse' replies spam out from their 'corpse machine' due to their largeness hence a need for top-down command & control structure to maintain order.

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