Saturday, March 10, 2012

S'pore 2nd Lowest Globally for Job Satisfaction

Survey Results:
- 76% of respondents from S'pore claim to be dissatisfied with their jobs
- Indonesia ranked lowest with only 18% being satisfied with their jobs
- Swiss workers are happiest employees with 68% claiming to be happy with their jobs
- Work-life balance, pay & availability of opportunities for career advancement emerged as the top 3 factors S'porean employees consider most important.

- Males more concerned with maintaining a healthy work-life balance, with 38% of men believing it to be of priority, whilst only 24% of women share this sentiment
- Females are however more concerned with compensation & benefits, with 38% believing it to be primary factor in achieving job satisfaction, as compared to 28% of male counterparts.

- 39% of respondents reported having some type of flexible work schedule
- 10% said they have used flexible work options for more than 3 years

- While an equal number of men & women are dissatisfied with their current job, women are less likely to look for opportunities elsewhere as compared to men, with only half as many women as men exploring for job alternatives

- More men (40%) than women (22%) believe that there is no opportunity for advancement & feel trapped in their current job.

- Close to half of both male & female respondents agreed that they need to consistently sacrifice time with family in order to achieve career success. This is reflected in the findings in other Asian countries such as Malaysia & China. Interestingly, the respondents in Europe were in the opposite side of the pole. For instance, 84% of respondents in the Netherlands agreed they do not have to sacrifice family time to be successful in their jobs.


Excluding Indonesia, 1st world S'pore is the lowest. My first taste of it is during my national service days. Officers are damn on especially the 2 officers with 'red' carplates(off peak cars). They literally don't see their families during the day as they have to drive out before sun rises & drive back after sunset. What kind of animal is that?

Now with the flood of foreign workers, the situation is even worse with even more people working late or pretend to work late so as not to get their ass fired. Many are literally slaves to their digital gadgets(earlier blogpost). With so many foreign workers + 30year mortgage of course the worker turns into cog labor & has to keep quiet & yes yes yes even if the work doesn't make much sense & is redundant.

Dehumanization. Being cog labor(incl. white collar) & so easily replaced 76% of sinkies are dissatisfied with their jobs. We can see plenty of cog labor like locusts swarms of shoppers in malls shop shop shop, consume consume consume in an effort to retail therapy fix to transquilize themselves. Is no coincidence that malls are growing like weeds.

Generally the more unhappy & disatisfied the cog labor is, the more he/she shops - vicious cycle. No $$ to shop? Pawnshops are growing like weeds too so people can continue to shop to 'drug' themselves.


  1. I've been a recent discoverer/reader of your blog and I appreciate your thoughts on what's happening in Singapore and the larger picture of the world economy.
    After living overseas for 2 years I have a much different perspective on what is happening to our country. Us little people...we're always on our toes trying to be one step ahead just to survive. Its just terrible.

    I look forward to more posts from you! cheers!

  2. This is an interesting post. But how do you co relate shopping with the need to tranquilize? I mean do u have stats to prove that the amount spent on retail by each person has gone up? Any further research to corroborate this?

    1. Hi,
      Sorry for awfully late reply. I don't have stats to prove amount spent on retail by each person has gone up.

      The unhappiness of the S'pore workforce is very low compared to other countries. Recent talks about work-life balance in govt-ctrl media shows how serious it is.

      People buy more & more stuff for a short burst of happiness. In the end they end up piling up more & more till have to rent storage space.

      I have compile the blogposts related in 1 at: No Work-Life Balance - Nearly 90% of Sinkie Workers Digging Own Graves