Monday, March 19, 2012

98% of S'pore Workers Are 'Bochup' aka Disengaged in 2010

2 comments about worker disengagment & job disatisfaction blogspots a couple of days earlier.

How come no up-to-date survey apart from results from 2003 & 2005? I'll like to read about recent results as well but unfortunately it seems Gallup Management Journal didn't have any after a search on their site.

I did manage to find clues of Gallup's recent 2010 results that's not readily available to the public:

[Forbes] Not Just The U.S.: Worker Disengagement Is Worldwide
Highest category of job satisfaction:
31% of Costa Ricans
30% of Guatemalans
29% of Brazilians

Xtra Stats from aussie article link below:
28% of Americans
23% of the British
23% of Kiwis
20% of Canadians
18% of Aussies

2% S'pore & China

At the bottom of the table: Singapore & China. A staggering 98% of employees in those 2 countries admit they’re disengaged with their work, preferring to be doing something else somewhere else.

[Businessday Australia] Worked up about work

By comparison, only a dismal 18% of Australians can say they love their work.

If the aussie author consider 18% of his fellow countrymen as a dismal figure then what does it make of S'pore?

If you look at the top 3 countries you'll realize that they are not 1st world countries. Our incumbent govt's relentless focus on gdp does not equate to increased happiness for the general populace.

Someone commented about how i relate shopping with need to tranquilize. When people are unhappy with their worklife, an easy fix is to 'transquilize' their pain of unhappiness by shopping & buying stuff. Do i need stats to prove? The stats are already staring at us right in the face:

- More & more shopping malls
- Look at amount of stuff our people are selling in local forum bazzars
- No place to store the bought items? Go rent Xtra space & shop & buy somemore!

There's a reason why Xtra storage space businesses are flourishing in recent years. On a personal side relating to the sports i do- do one really need 3,4,5 badminton racquets? do one need 3,4 bicycles? We have more material possessions than we do compared to the 80s but how come more & more people are disatisfied despite having more 'toys'? How come the top 3 countries are people with less 'toys' than us?

More is not necessarily better.

Shopping & feeling happy from buying stuff to transquilize the pain of worklife unhappiness is only a temporary measure.

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