Saturday, March 24, 2012

My 1st Meal Break During Rides

After joining group rides for close to a year & refraining to spend on drinks & food during pitshop breaks i ordered a piece of $1.60 prata egg onion during a pitshop at a Bukit Timah eatery.

Photo by P Wong. [i'm right of dotted guy]

Went for a piece of prata since it cost around the same as a canned drink. All of us except 1(he ordered something fancy) waited more then 30mins for the food. 1 guy just ordered a drink- gosh he's frugal like me & he dresses simply too.

This kind of pitshop meal breaks will not be a norm for me. I rather go home & eat bread, cake or other stuff that's stocked by my mum on the dining table. Is hard for me to stomach the idea of $1.60 for a piece of prata. I can reward myself & whack more food at lower costs at an occasional daytrip to JB, Msia. Bomb-bay doors open & bombs away in Msia... More punch for the buck.

My rides this week with 2 different groups:
36km ride. Home to Mandai Shell - around 12km. The group is basically cycling the roads circling the central water reservoir catchment areas.

Joined them from a gas station & rode to a gas station opposite botanic gardens where i broke off while they headed northeast.

49km Ride. Home to Lim Chu Kang Jetty - around 25km
For those unaware, long straight Lim Chu kang road is an emergency runway once the streetlights are removed. Tiny S'pore--> north-south S'pore can be cycled over around 25km.

This ride is well done with like a 10min break at lim chu kang jerry & then detour back. Once near the jetty, my cellphone signal switches over to Msia side.

Such tiny place & yet the govt wants to squeeze & squeeze more people in to boost gdp.

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