Sunday, March 11, 2012

Even Computers Teach You How to Save $

Not exactly computers but my previous Viewsonic VX-2235 monitor died yesterday after 3years 7mths. It was repaired twice around 2year 6mths & 2year 8 mths under warranty period.

Before dying(after repairs) it already got signs whereby the screen would suddenly blackout & the power light would blink & blink & after a a few minutes the screen is back. I'm fearful of this happening especially when work needs to be saved. Not able to see anything in the blackout i would just ctrl S a few times in effort to save. Other fear i have is i don't know when a sudden 'blackout' would occur.

Monitor i'm now using is 21.5" LG E2250V at $175. I bought it from TradePac at Sim Lim Sq. This shop hidden in the back usually has the lowest price compared with other frontal shops with higher rents. I've bought my m/b + cpu + ram + hdd & graphic card from them previously. Service is average.

3D monitors are already in the market at high prices. No point chasing to have the latest gadgets, it is a neverending & costly race to catch up.

Take care of your stuff & maintain them well. Use until they fail, repair if it makes economic sense. Maximises value & environment friendly.

Oh & save your work often while working on the computer...

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