Thursday, March 8, 2012

Before & After Railway Tracks Removal Pictures

Someone commented in the Work-life balance post 2 days ago regarding using phone to take pictures of fast changing S'pore. I missed out that perspective of using phone of taking pictures cause my 5 year old cellphone with 2 megapixel camera cannot make it when it comes to taking pictures.

When i do go out for a ride i at times bring along my old digital camera instead. Riding & taking pictures under the hot & humid climate here is usually better than walking & walking & then taking pictures. That being said with my road bike there's some terrain which i can't easily access.

Before & After Railway Tracks Removal:

At previous workplace i prefer to lunch alone & after that having some alone time under the trees to recharge & then go near the track when i hear the sound & watch the lunctime train pass by. This type of experience sure beats watching the mindless crowd rushing about like headless chickens.

S'pore's elevated track runs above Msia's track. For foreign readers wondering, the Msian govt agreed to give up the track & its track land in exchange for majority stake in real estate at S'pore's business district.

There's pleas for a green corridor for this old railway track. However i'm skeptical about it since the present regime is obsessed with gdp growth at all costs even if it grows like cancer. A green corridor doesn't contribute much $$$ when the land can be developed for commercial, residential usage. Whole darn island is becoming concrete.

Riding a bicycle & exploring & occasionally taking pictures. I'm more of a leisure touring cyclist. Ever thought of taking up this healthy hobby? You don't to buy an expensive bike. My bike cost me $428.

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  1. Having a trusty handphone camera is important to me as you may not know when you may chance a good photo opportunity. Was at Queenstown along Margaret Drive area, couple months back and this place is currently like a ghost town and deserted. In another few months time I am sure it will be hell of a concrete jungle too much $ opportunity for our gahment to exploit. Many places are changing beyond recognition. I missed those times when S'pore still have many quiet spots, it is getting very hard to find these days.