Sunday, March 25, 2012

Comparison of S'pore & Msia Ride Event Fees

Photo by Foong WS:

"I like this RM100 still got Dinner & lunch at end of ride...ocbc is just crap. Tis event really worth coming. I was at the 2nd pack front pack n the polis follow us open road for us all e VIP lidat..shoik.."- Foong WS

"I am proud to be Malaysian.. that's y I only love to join races in Msia, even RM50 still got free lunch & jersey & finisher medal & lucky draw. Beat that!" - nw
Kuantan 160km ride participation fee is RM100 (S$41). I've written about s'pore's overpriced rides. Too bad i don't have the endurance for 160km. I tested my limit in a 135.5km ride to Kluang & barely made it.

One can get much more bang for the buck in Msia. Is a reason why i like to keep my wallet shut in S'pore if possible. I don't mind being odd one out during group rides while others have their pitstop meal breaks. Question of how much stuff in Msia can i get with the $$ lingers in my mind......

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