Monday, May 23, 2011

Ad to Fool Naive Secondary School Pupils

I cringe whenever i pass by & see this 'Giving You that Something Xtra' beside Ngee Ann polytechnic's name. Schools are primarily 'factories' churning out what the economy needs. I remember during my days the hype was electronics. Brochures started flooding our mailboxes from these educational institutions with each course glorifying a bright future such as marine industry poised for boom, manufacturing seeing record growth etc etc. We all know what happen after that.

Next was biotech, then wafer fab. Same fate. Casinos are the ruling govt's last card to keep economy growing after their previous ideas practically went nowhere.

How many of us know ourselves well to make a good decision at age 16? Very often people get stuck for life by studying a particular course which leads to a pretty restrictive bunch of jobs. Marriage, house & kids come along & wham many people are chained to the ratrace doing something which they loathe till retirement. Is not easy to change careers & often times a paycut when you are aging with family & a host of other obligations/burdens.

Something Xtra- well what xtra when is often reported in non-main stream media that many people lost their jobs to cheaper foreign workers despite their 'Xtra' from their recognised paper certs? There's been increasing reports of well educated people who turn to driving taxis after being replaced.

What Xtra when a local Dr told me about foreign Drs from India were hired to cover the Dr shortfall? What Xtra does his NUS medical cert give him?

What Xtra is that when a person is not educated as to how to manage their finances & grow it? Masses of financial/paycheck slaves is the name of the game.

What Xtra is that when people are trained to 'conform' before rolling out of the school factories?

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