Thursday, May 12, 2011

Story: I think my friend got fixed. Do u think so too?

A story i come across in a forum. After reading it is apparent the storyteller is relating it to the political scene in the ruling party. Taking away the political similarities it also reminded me of a friend with a somewhat different situation- In his previous company he was among the best salesperson for a few particular products. Boss like him very much. However economic situations change & soon those products are hard to sell. Company has fallen into hard times. Boss dropped a few hints telling him to quit. He felt somewhat cheated that his previous good contributions were brushed aside.

So what's the moral of these 2 stories/situations? I relate it to financial independence aspect. As long as there is someone controlling you in a major way it is risky. Once a person knows how to grow his portfolio & relies less on job income he/she no longer bothers much about the 'normal risks' which many people are exposed to. Is less worrying & less stuck in life.

My friend was previously General Manager of his company(by BHills)

Then quite a few years ago, the Company Chairman forced him to step down from GM to become "Director" (a title which sounds very senior but is a position which is actually powerless & without any specific duties) so that the Chairman's son could take over as General Manager.

My friend was unhappy about his loss of power & position & so he has, over the last few years, been quietly planning to retake control & become GM again when the Chairman is gone forever.

Apparently, Chairman & his son have got wind of it for quite some time already.

Now they have replaced one senior very experienced member of my friend's team with a young 27 years old female member who, from the looks of it, is going to screw many things up for my friend because of her inexperience & incapability in this position.

If things really turn bad, my friend may even lose his "Director" position.

I think he got fixed by his company's Chairman & Chairman's son (who has been the GM for the last few years already).

What do u think?


  1. I can't relate to this story. It happens everywhere. I've seen this happen more than once. Family business not easy to get to the top.

    1. Hi,
      Moral of story is accumulate more assets (place we stay in don't count) so we have buffer & peace of mind.

      A person totally reliant on a boss/company as sole source of income is in very risky position.

      Yes family biz not easy to get to top. Thus if a person is not satisfied & want greener pasture then ought to find a game where he/she has more chances than staying on in the family biz game.