Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Candle Doesn't Diminish its Light by Lighting Another

Many people are inflicted with the disease of scarcity. I'm no exception. We are shaped very much by environment & 'education' since young. People fight for promotions at work, fight for limited places at school, fight for hawker center seats during lunchtime etc etc. Often times we are not even aware of it as it works its way into our subconscious mind & become an 'automatic program'.

Best example of reducing (totally getting rid of it is very hard) scarcity mentality i've experienced is the candle lighting another candle during the closing moments of a seminar. Is amazing how the effect goes:

  • Speaker lights candles of participants left & right of him. (dark room)

  • Left & Right participants in turn light the people's candles next to them.

  • Very soon the hall of participants standing in a circle were lid! (many lighted candles)

Does the original candle diminish its light by lighting others? Is there a rule stating 1 candle can only light up 1 more?

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