Friday, May 20, 2011

Ippt Passed at Maju Camp - Cramped Muscles Aftermath

Was taken by surprise when received letter from unit ordering us to take ippt test. Is around 1mth notice & i was rather pissed. I trained 4 times in chin ups & 2km runs during this short notice period, doubts starting filling my mind whether i can make it. Can i still get my $100 pass incentive? If not why not just aim for pass? 2.4km station has always been my weakest despite regular cycling & badminton.

Nevertheless i again ignored the order to go back to my unit's camp for ippt on the 2 assigned Sat(if pass, other date is cancelled) & chose to settle it(2 days advance booking) maju camp near where i live. I detest wasting my time traveling to my camp in jurong west & not to mention the mrt+bus fares & squeezing with the weekend crowd. Why allow someone's order to screw my life?

I first ignored the same order back in 2009. Passed ippt with $100 & nobody came after me. I did it again yesterday & as long as i pass & make those officers look good they won't bother that i choose my own location & date. Besides the passing rate among reservists is rather abysmal. During the ippt awards handling out session for the company, the no. getting gold award($400) can be counted with 1 hand, no. getting silver award($200) can be counted with 2 hands.

There are advantages to taking ippt at maju camp instead of my unit's camp. Advantages offered are:

  • free to choose order of static stations to do (can strategise) instead of following tester's choosing

  • touching metal strip for shuttle run instead of retrieving cones.

  • chin up bar's grip got rubber layer so not slippery

  • 2.4km run inside indoor carpark instead of under sun

  • i like the computerised stations there

  • very near where i live (personal)

Now i'm recovering from cramped muscules(upper leg) from yesterday's exertion.

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