Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Inside Job Documentary on 2008 Financial Crisis

Financial institutions, lobbyists in govt, ratings agencies, politicians, central banks & academics are in cahoots. Many innocent people in other parts of the world were affected through job losses etc as the contagion spread. Those who pointed out the dangers of deriviatives were brushed off.

Part 1: How We Got Here
Part 2: The Bubble (2001-2007)
Part 3: Crisis
part 4: Accountability
Part 5: Where We Are Now

About 107mins long in 8 parts.

Part 2 of Inside Job
Part 3 of Inside Job
Part 4 of Inside Job
Part 5 of Inside Job
Part 6 of Inside Job
Part 7 of Inside Job
Part 8 of Inside Job

Educational institutions are corrupted when professors are paid to mislead the public with articles. What is in shortage now? Truthfulness, desire to serve the public without obsence paychecks, no conflict of interest. Doesn't that sound familiar to what's lacking in S'pore as well?

Certain changes to benefit the elite in american politics & businesses are followed by rather similar changes here in S'pore(see part 7). Some of the people who caused the crisis are still in the Obama administration. Till now there has been little reforms of the US financial system.

"Is a Wall Street Govt." as mentioned by a man in the documentary. Does it remind you of S'pore Inc as well?

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