Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ulu Pandan Incinerator Plant Demolishment

A plus of riding a bike is that at times you can stop easily & admire the scenery. Toh Tuck Ave is another road that takes me to Bukit Batok & Gombak. I used to ride the park connector near IMM or the main road over the flyover across the PIE out of habit. Turns out Toh Tuck Ave is my preferred route(shorter) now after being reminded of it by another rider during a night ride.

Ulu Pandan incinerator plant has been around as far as i can remember. I remember its chimney landmark from my primary school days when my school bus u-turn at the junction of toh tuck ave back towards clementi. I suppose this plant does not have the dual purpose & efficiency of Tuas incincerator cum power plant where the heat from burning the refuse drives the turbines to produce electricity.

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