Thursday, May 26, 2011

Yellow Reflector(bicycle) & Saddle Repair Tape from Daiso

$2 items at Daiso are highly addictive especially to women. There's so much stuff in sight at $2 that people buy & buy & buy if they can't control their spending impulses. Isn't it hardly surprisingly that people's homes(incl mine) are increasingly filled with clutter especially for the shopaholics?

People who can't control their impulsive spending habits have a slim chance of making money as investors or traders.

I bought yellow & cyan bicycle reflectors & saddle repair tape from Daiso, IMM. $2 each for extra safety riding at night is worth it. The cyan reflector doesn't seem to fit snugly onto my bicycle wheel spokes so i'll probably give it to a friend if it fits his bike. Saddle repair tape at $2 seem worth it too if it can prolong the usage of my saddle if its 'skin' tear(touch wood).

Picture of my reflectors yellow & white(comes with bike) as well as battery operated red binker light mounted on seat stay.

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