Friday, May 27, 2011

Eat with Family Day

Today's the day. When Eat with your Family Day was introduced in the early 2000s i was rather taken aback that people need to be reminded to eat with family. As the years go by with more foreign workers competing for jobs the situation has worsen with many working late in order to show they are 'hardworking' to avoid being fired.

Many people's lives revolve around work that they have little friends. Much of their social intercourse throughout the day are mainly with colleagues. People's homes become more like a hotel where they come home to have a shower & sleep after dinner outside. Isn't it any surprising that divorce rates & teenage delinquencies are on a bull run?

Sad fact is that many people meet up other family members during chinese new year reunion dinner or funerals.

I find Family Dinner Day as a feeble attempt by the govt to foster family bonds since it is on friday where some companies allow workers to dress down & being on friday is natural that many will knock off on time. Is better the Family Dinner Day is on another weekday.

How come have such a day to remind people? Doesn't the ruling party like to boast about high gdp growth? Does high gdp growth foster more family dinner days among the general populace so we can do away with such reminder?

Masses of people working overtime & sacrificing time to have dinner with family don't seem to realise that when they fall sick or die most of their colleagues/bosses can't even be bothered unlike family members.

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