Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Canadian PM victory speech- compare & contrast with PAP

Wikipedia list S'pore as a hybrid regime on its Democracy Index. I loathe the idea of the ruling party using upgrading (taxpayers $) to entice voters to vote for them & delay upgrading for alternative party controlled areas.

I find these upgrading a waste of $ as the upgrading works for the elderly corner below my block was torn down & upgraded again when is still in good condition. Those lackeys working in the agency are basically yesmen/yeswomen who often carry out orders blindly without questioning if is a waste of taxpayers $. Lackeys who like to play safe by often choosing a govt-linked company tender which is more expensive when a cheaper & more value tender is put up by a private sector small business.

Situation has worsen in recent years with just 2 opposition members in parliament & old man LKY seem obsess on eradicating them from parliament by threatening voters living in Aljunied. I understand he's scared that the opposition might grow from Aljunied(if it fall) but why then are S'poreans made to recite the national pledge with a line saying to build a democractic society?

Even Malaysian Ex-PM Dr Mahathir said alternative voices in parliament are good as it points out the potential mistakes to be carried out by the incumbent.

Despite his majority victory, Harper pledged to work with other parties & praised their efforts over 5 weeks.

"We are intensely aware that we are & we must be the government of all Canadians, including those who did not vote for us."- Stephen Harper

This is the difference between the leader of a real democracy & the leader of a fake democracy like we have here. Already the elections not happen yet, and all manners of PAP leadership are already threatening the people with reprisals. Hell will freeze over before Princeling will give such a speech as above. Even Harper who is paid only a fraction of Princeling's salary knows its not about the political party, but its all about the people & the country. Whereas, the PAP seems to think that its only a govt. for the people who voted for them. These fools have no concept of the democratic process at all.

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