Wednesday, March 14, 2012

'Zombie' Workers - Plenty of Them In S'pore

94% of workers in S'pore are bochup (disengaged). Not passion into their job but just putting time. Around 40 years of working life during a person's most productive lifespan. Isn't that like a zombie? Sometimes i cringed whenever people said they are 'mgr' or whatever seemingly nice-sounding job title in effort to impress others. Odds are 94% of them are 'zombies'.

Would you want a 'bochup' doctor to operate on you if you are on the surgical table?

If you think the Gallup surveys done back in 2003 & 2005 are bad it has gotten even worse with the massive influx of foreign workers to grow the gdp at all costs like cancer. There are no followup surveys after that but is not hard to figure out the pathetic situation.

Worker Disengagement Continues to Cost Singapore

Disengaged Employees Cost Singapore $4.9 Billion

Highlights from the Above Gallup Survey Results:
- in today's competitive world, companies & countries are very dependent on an engaged workforce for their success. Gallup estimates that actively disengaged employees cost the Singapore economy about $6 billion in lost productivity.

-best companies & managers understand that people are unique & need to be managed as individuals.

- engagement of its employees may dictate the success or failure of businesses in times to come. Many aspects of running a business or an economy -- such as production processes & information technology -- can be copied, but employees & their engagement levels must be nurtured & managed.

- 62% of the respondents said that their supervisor treats them like a boss
- 38% said that their supervisor treats them like a partner
Why is this significant? Survey findings indicate that engagement is doubled & disengagement is halved, when the respondent is treated as a partner rather than as a subordinate.

I have no doubt the situation is endemic especially in govt linked companies in State Capitalism S'pore where many retired generals & high ranked officers are 'parachuted' in. Many of these deadwood bureaucrats bring with them 2-3 decades of ordering 'grunts' around type of mentality.

With 94% of workforce 'bochup' of course we see many of them trying to tranquilize their unhappiness through buy buy buy consume consume consume in malls - there's plenty of $$ to be sucked out of these dispirited people.

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  1. HI Bro,

    This is a nice report but I was hoping you'd use a more recent study. This study is already 6.5 yrs old. Can you still say that it's 94%? Just musing my thoughts.