Thursday, May 31, 2012

Horrendous Losses by US 8th Air Force Made D-Day Possible

In the month after the attack on Pearl Harbor
the US Army's 8th Air Force is established in Savannah, Georgia
It has 7 men & no planes.

Less than a year later, it is tasked with defeating
the most powerful air force in the world - the German Luftwaffe.
26,000 8th Air Force men will die.
More than the US Marines lost in all of WWII.

Videos of the horror of D-Day landings are what come to the minds of most people when people think about WWII in europe. Fewer knew about the air war before that. European Allied Air Cmdrs are desperate in their bid to destroy the Luftwaffe prior to D-Day landings in Normandy. If air war is lost then D-Day is in jeopardy.

Bomber losses are horrendous without long range fighter escort during the early stage of the war.

In desperate attempt to decimate the Luftwaffe before D-Day deadline:
- bombers aren't really on bombing missions. They are expensively prized baits to lure german fighters.
- fighters (when P-51 are brought into service) aren't really escorting bombers. They are to shoot down as many german fighters.

How to lure vast numbers of german fighters? By bombing Berlin which Hitler will die die defend. Even experienced allied bomber pilots are terrified when they received orders to bomb most heavily defended Berlin.

This is a documentary that's worth watching. Around 75% of air crew do not survive till their 25th mission. It is about how a newly established inexperienced force(8th Air Force) destroyed the most powerful aerial combat unit(already battle hardened) in the world.

Another reason for watching is to change defeatist sinkies' limited worldview about why S'pore's deeply entrenched Pro Alien Party cannot be defeated out of their 2/3 majority seats in parliament. When USA entered WWII their troops & generals are newbies while german troops & generals are battle hardened. Does that mean surrender? Brainwashed sinkies still mesmerised by past achievements of PAP despite of more & more defective policies by $M salary ministers need to wake up cause we need to vote in as many loyal opposition personnel in so they can gain experience in parliament.

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Air War in HD 1/6
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