Thursday, May 24, 2012

Corruption Imported Into S'pore When Sizeable Foreign Workers are Imported In

I've written about the perils of cheap chinese workers & their habits observed by economist Graeme Maxton in a blogspot a few days ago. Now a veteran HK actor is also sounding the alarm bells about the work culture & habits of chinese workers in the movie industry. I admire his balls for speaking out at a press conference. Many would just prostitute themselves by keeping quiet & just rake in the $$$.

When S'pore's hybrid regime flood in hordes of foreign workers to boost consumption to feed the gdp locomotive, the bad habits are also brought in & since sizeable numbers are brought in they make little attempt to adapt to S'pore's way of doing things.

反客为主 - The guest takes over as host. This phrase sums it up as stories are told by sinkies (host) that they are being displaced/gotten rid of as the guest workers hire their own kind.

Is not only in workplace but sports too. Cycling have gotten a huge boost in recent years due to OCBC Cycle event. Badminton is a popular sport in S'pore but more & more are ditching the racquet & switching to bicycle. Why? Sinkies loathe intense difficulty & frustration in booking of badminton courts with so much competition. In some groups sinkies are being ejected after their badminton groups are joined by these foreign badminton players. These foreign players invite their own kind into the group & soon with their numbers..... Coup d'etat 反客为主

Anthony Wong blasts "unprofessional" Chinese production teams
Veteran Hong Kong actor Anthony Wong expressed that the Chinese film & television industry is rife with inequalities & corruption, during a press conference for the film "Motorway" in Hong Kong on Tuesday, reported Hong Kong media.

"The people working in the film & television industry are really unprofessional. Everywhere there are 'unwritten rules' & people going 'You want to work with Teacher Wong (Anthony Wong), give me some money'.

"Even if you get a script, you won't even know how the production teams will shoot it. They only know how to brag & exaggerate," said Wong, adding that many production team members would hire their relatives instead of hiring people based on their professional merits.

He also criticised the production teams in China for being highly discriminatory.

"They don't treat extras as people. It's not just the production team; some actors also don't treat the extras as people!

"Once, I was shooting a show & asked 'Why is it I can sit in a chair & eat, but the extras have to squat at the side to eat?' A senior told me, 'You worked hard for many years to get the right to sit here & eat. If they (the extras) can sit with you without putting in the work, would you feel right?'," recounted Wong.

The 50-year-old actor even griped about the food they provided him with in China.

"You shouldn't simply eat the packed meals there. You can't tell what sort of condition the packed meals are in.

"You don't know what sort of oil they used. Would you dare to eat it?" said Wong.

Many have expressed surprise that Wong would make such caustic remarks about Chinese production teams, when it could hurt his career & possibly jeopardize his chances of getting work in the burgeoning Chinese entertainment industry.

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  1. From what I heard from others, corruption has always been there in Singapore, just that it is not open unlike in some of Singapore's neighbours. From "entertainment expenses" to "stuffed brown envelopes", there are various ways to "lubricate the system and smoothen the transaction".

    The only difference being with the influx of foreigners, corruption might become an open thing. See example cited in my blog entry.