Tuesday, May 29, 2012

British Officers Helped Japan Gain Know-how to Attack Pearl Harbor & Capture S'pore

Finished watching a 1hr video on youtube(BBC-The Fall of S'pore: The Great Betrayal). I find british wartime documentaries much more slow moving compared to american made ones. One can easily fall asleep if not interested in the genre.

2 traitors are topic of the documentary:

William Forbes-Sempill
Air pioneer who aided the Japanese in developing their naval aviation & supplying them with military secrets.

Frederick Joseph Rutland
Highly decorated former RAF Squadron- Leader Frederick Joseph Rutland helped the Japanese navy develop aircraft carriers in 1920s.

Is amazing how spies turned Japan into a major military power & advantage in early stages of WWII. After watching i wonder how many sinkies would fight to defend tiny island of S'pore as sinkies are marginalised into 2nd/3rd class citizens in their home country.

Sinkies' lives are dirt cheap compared to punishment meted out to foreigners:

Rather than pouring more & more taxpayers $$ into the industrial military complex, the more silent/hidden threat is spies from made-to-become 2nd/3rd class citizen troops whose lives are dirt cheap thanks to pro alien party's policies.

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