Friday, May 4, 2012

You Can't Wrap Fire with Paper - 纸包不住火 [Barriers for What?]

Barriers & humps does not exist in the past. Nowadays barriers are increasingly set up at long benches & tables in public areas.

Why is the current Pro Alien Party who is gdp & $$ obsessed so generous to spend $$ to set up these barriers? Fact is they are attempting to hide the unpleasant fact that more & more are sleeping at these common areas.

Question is how can the 'fire' be contained with their 'paper' measures when it is already spreading & getting worse? Visitors coming to S'pore will also see the 'fires' raging(watch video) fueled by extremely fast aging population coupled with among the worst income disparity in the developed world.

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  1. Sad. Symptomatic treatment rather that solving the problem at its root.