Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Minor Abrasions from Bike Accident

Suffered minor abrasions to my left forearm(pic) & left waist during a half round island group ride. I was behind a newbie when he suddenly lost control of his bike. He was holding the handlebar with 1 hand & attempting to signal with other hand & fell. I braked & next thing i know i was on the ground as well. I lost a 600ml water bottle(cracked) & left side of my saddle skin was broken (repaired with super glue).

My left shoulder joint supported my body weight during fell. Still got pain when rotating. When taking off/putting on my shirt i have to bend over with arms pointing down.

Lesson learnt is to keep a more safe distance away from rider in front.

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  1. Am sure it hurts, anyway get well soon! Be more careful next time.