Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Marketing & Promotion Efforts by PAP When 30% of Population Elderly

14min clip.

If you think situation now is bad, you ain't see nothing yet cause by 2030 elderly will triple to 30% of population. S'pore is on track for long term decline.

S"pore Tourism Board no need waste taxpayers $$ to advertise & promote sg. Elderly gonna be 30% of population by 2030. Such scenes of more & more elderly will greet visitors, advertise & promote sg to the world.

Remember the chart of ever widening gap in retirement fund minimum sum & peoples' balances(sucked dry by exorbitant public housing) which i wrote about earlier on. With situation worsening how can tourists unable to see for free easily (30% population elderly)?

How many permanent residents would be dumb to convert to citizenship when such increasingly common scenes do the marketing & promotion of how the Pro Alien Party will treat them should they convert? They would just withdraw all their retirement fund balances & go back home for a better & lower cost of living. Why would they convert to citizenship & let their retirement funds be trapped for much of their working life?

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