Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cycled onto Expressway As Unfamiliar with Road

50km ride to southern Tuas & back.

Got invited to go for a ride to southern tuas with a few other riders. They rode mainly on Jln Ahmad Ibrahim for the westernly route to Tuas checkpoint (before turning south). On way back is via Jln Ibrahim stretch again but being unfamiliar with the road i just kept riding. Speedsters have sped ahead & i can't see their rear blinkers. Previous rides with another group is via Pioneer road(more traffic lights) so the Jln Ibrahim stretch(more suitable for speeding) is kinda new to me.

Eventually Jln Ahmad Ibrahim merged with Ayer Rajah Expressway & alas i was riding on the road shoulder of the expressway! I got out by carrying my bike over the metal barrier & cross over to clementi park connector & rode home.

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