Friday, May 11, 2012

Breaking Youngsters Down to Become Zombie Cog Workers

This primary 3 (9year old) math problem stump many adults. It got me stumped as well. Again this point to a massive failure of the educational system. Teach & test people with these kind of tough problem yet life critical math problem of managing one's finances are not taught. Why bother testing using those tough problem when vast majority when grown up are highly unlikely to use it in a way to better their lives?

Education is suppose to equip an individual with the skills necessary to lead a meaningful & independent life. Instead around the world, it is clear the system has failed the vast majority.

A parent was quoted in the news as saying:
"I have yet to observe any beneficial effects of pushing children so hard in primary school, apart from high stress levels & sapping of intellectual curiosity."

Breaking the person down in terms of high stress & draining out intellectual curiosity seems to be a devious plan by the hybrid regime to produce 'zombie' cog workers.

Another interviewed said:
"I think nowadays kids are smarter so they shouldn't have a problem doing these questions, Having higher educational standards would also be important for S'pore's future"

S'pore educational standards has been among the highest in the world yet what kind of renown private companies has S'poreans created? What S'pore's high standards have churned out instead are compliant & obedient cog workers easily replaced (whom many are) by cheaper foreigners with unknown qualifications.

In this internet age with wikipedia & google we don't have a need for rote learning & memorising. What is in short supply is creativity which can't be easily outsourced of automated(at least not yet).

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  1. Actually the answer is simple, but one has to be confident enough of one's math skills to calmly analyze it.

    D = 1345
    E = 2440

    When one looks at the pyramid, one will realize that D and E must be somehow related to the numbers boxed below them, because there is no way to calculate E otherwise.

    Assuming then that each layer depends on the previous, the idea is to find the relationship between them. In this case, the number in each box is derived from the sum of its 2 immediate "supporting" boxes minus 15.

    446 = 198 + 263 -15
    679 = 263 + 431 - 15
    681 = 431 + 265 -15
    1110 = 446 + 679 -15

    That said, I agree that teaching children about personal financial management is more important than teaching them how to solve questions like those above.